Monday, August 26, 2013

My Daughter’s Modest Monday ~ Bike Riding

Summer’s long tendrils still twine about our lives and hearts, reluctant to let us fall into autumn. Days are diminishing, but as the evening sun lingers, children stream through the neighborhood on their two-wheeled flying machines. Tousled and chased by the wind, they pump the pedals, around and up and down, chasing and zipping and laughing.

Well, maybe I’m getting a little carried away, but can’t bike riding be a glorious experience? J

Or perhaps you'll like my 13yo’s poem better.

I like the long and flowing skirts
But not when they drag in the dirt.
It’s fun to take a fast bike ride,
But you need a skirt that’s wide
So that modest you will be.
It’s not so hard as you can see.

What the 11yo wore ~

Denim jumper ~ thrift store {It’s a bit long since it’s an adult size, but she has room to grow.}
Green lightweight cotton shirt ~ hand-me-down from me
Lands End sandals ~ We love our durable casual sandals! I think they’re sturdy enough to get passed down to the 7yo someday.

Lilla Rose flexi ~ a tousled oblong bun after some fast-and-furious bicycling J in an extra-large Cameo Appearance flexi

And…a couple of pictures from our bike rides.

Lamp posts make me dream of Narnia. J

Do your children like to ride bikes? What do you see on your rides?

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  1. Meghan, I am a bike rider, love to ride. Two safety comments: all bike riders should wear helmets. In many states it's the law for minors. The other concern is sandals and flip flops are not safe for bike riding. They cause major injuries to the foot even in minor accidents. I saw a photo circulating on Facebook recently which showed a terrible foot injury in someone biking in flip flops. Your daughter's sandals are sturdier than flip flops but the toes and heels are still exposed. You need either athletic shoes (sneakers) or biking shoes. I wouldn't buy biking shoes unless someone was a serious competitive biker. I just wear sneakers.

    Is it hard to ride bike wearing such a long dress/skirt? I think I'd find it hard. I've ridden wearing skirts but they were shorter.

    Hope you're enjoying slightly cooler weather than we are.

    1. Thank you for your concern about our safety, Elizabeth. It never occurred to me that wearing a helmet might be required by law. I checked, and it's not in our state.

      Wearing a skirt doesn't make riding a bicycle difficult, and my children haven't caught their skirts in the chain or wheels. I remember many times in my childhood getting just a regular pair of jeans caught in the chain.

      The temperatures aren't bad, but the humidity is quite oppressive. We don't stay outside for long. We'll be out more later in the fall.

    2. Yes, jeans can definitely get caught in the chain. I have a velcro band I use around the leg on that side.

      Fall is the best bike riding season in my opinion, let's hope we have a great season.

  2. We love bikes also, although we don't have any right now because of a recent move. Thank you for the example of modesty you give us, even riding a bike!

    1. Hopefully you can get some for next summer, Lisa. Thank you so much for reading!

  3. Thanks for sharing your daughter's poem. It was so sweet! I can't wait until my littles are old enough to take on bike rides. Until them, we settle for walks with them in the stroller. :)

    1. Walks with the stroller are good, too. Enjoy those moments, Jessica! :)

  4. Your post makes one dream of days of long ago. Wonderful and carefree days of childhood.



    1. Oh, to be carefree again! Sometimes, when I'm about to fall asleep and consciousness is drifting away, I can find a moment of pretending that the stress and burdens of adulthood have been lifted. Thank you, Sue, for that beautiful thought!

  5. What a wonderful and insightful poem!! We only wear skirts and it's amazing how many people think you can't do anything in them. There's a lady at our church that actually makes athletic skirts. I bought some long basketball shorts tonight that I plan to rip out seams and transform them into sport skirts. There's a group of ladies from my church that run marathons all the time and several times they have made it in the papers because everyone notices a group of ladies in skirts running!! I just can't believe that some of the runners are only wearing tutus and their undies showing.

    1. What a neat idea -- athletic skirts! Your group of church ladies would be something wonderful to see. Thanks for the inspiration, Adena. :)


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