Monday, September 23, 2013

My Daughters’ Modest Monday ~ Girls in Green at Grandma’s Birthday

I don’t have anything profound to write today. I’ve been mulling and thinking and praying for inspiration.

But I have nothing.

So I’m just going to share lots of photos of my mother’s little 81st birthday celebration from the weekend. 

Of course, I have the usual information on what the girls wore. But I also want to share with you other photos from being at Grandma’s house.

She lives in a condominium, not the house I grew up in. But the things, the possessions, have stayed the same.

It’s a bit like stepping back in time, watching my children play with the toys I played with as a child, hearing my mom repeat her stories for the next generation, looking through books I didn’t know Mom had kept.

But then I watch my mother hunch over her birthday card with a special magnifying glass, struggling to see the simplest of words and designs. And I see my children sit in and maneuver my father’s wheelchair, especially my youngest, the son who wasn’t even a twinkle in the eye at the time of my father’s death nearly four years ago.

Time rushes back at me, a cruel taskmaster who refuses to be satiated.

Well, maybe I did have something to say. J

Hug your littles and your bigs, listen to your mother tell her stories again, and thank the Lord for every breath.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

The 13yo ~ {with an empty cicada shell on her shoulder - Blech!}

Green shirt ~ thrift store
White sleeveless layering shell ~ thrift store
Ruffled denim skirt ~ pre-ruffled fabric purchased at Wal-Mart and then just one seam up the back
Navy Blue Mary Jane’s ~ Payless sale

Lilla Rose flexi ~ Oblong bun in size large Music Lover’s flexi

The 11yo ~ {protecting the 2yo from the drive-by tongue licks and tail swats of their cousins' big dog}

Green striped shirt ~ Wal-Mart purchase given as Christmas gift
Beige skirt ~ Christopher & Banks brand purchased at thrift store
Brown Mary Jane’s ~ hand-me-down from the 13yo {Isn’t the design snazzy? I wish I could find shoes like these in adult sizes.}

Lilla Rose flexi ~ Half-up with a twist in size medium Rich Multi-Cluster Copper

The 7yo ~

Striped dress ~ Lands End brand purchased at thrift store on half-price day
Navy Blue Mary Jane’s ~ hand-me-down from older sisters

The 9yo reading Grandma's joke book.

The 4yo on a fire truck my brother and I used to play with.

Getting comfortable at Grandma's house.

 The 2yo in my dad's old wheelchair.

The children made Grandma's birthday card black and white to help her see it. The contrast of black on white is easier to see for those with macular degeneration.

 Mom decided she would turn 18 rather than 81.

Do you feel like you step back in time when you return to the home of your childhood?

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  1. So nice you could all be with your mom on her birthday. Your children always look so nice! Have a wonderful week.

    1. My brother and his family were there as well, so we really were all with her. :) Thanks, Deb. Blessings to you!

  2. I love the way you write! (go on ... you will be author). Very nice pictures. yes, I knew from last year: My mother is as old as your mom :-)

    I love the brown shoes with the small flower on it. So beautiful!

    1. I do remember that now, that our mothers are about the same age. I think that also puts us at about the same age. :) Thank you so much for your encouragement!

  3. I would. Both my parents are in heaven now, and their home was sold earlier this year. Oddly enough, it allowed my family to purchase our first home, which happens to be the home of my husband's paternal grandparents, so he has lived in this house before, and his father and uncles grew up here. It must be really ... different ... for him.

    The children's outfits are lovely.

    1. It's the circle of life, LuAnn. I wonder if your husband (or perhaps you?) feels a stronger tie to the past considering that you live in a family home? When I was a child, I always thought I would love to live in my grandmother's house when I grew up.

  4. Many Happy Birthdays to your Mom.



    1. Thank you, Sue. Many blessings to you, too! :)

  5. Your daughters, as always, look lovely! My daughter was just looking at this with me and she loves to see girls who "dress like she does." And, we recognized the Land's End dress, as my daughter has some of them, too. :-) I am so glad that your mom had a lovely birthday surrounded by the family who love her.

    1. Aren't those Lands End dresses amazing? Comfortable AND modest! :) I'm so glad your daughter enjoys these posts, Lisa. Thanks for visiting today, friend! Many blessings to you!

  6. Your mother is beautiful!! She looks like a very sweet mother. I always love seeing such beautiful pictures of your daughters' dresses. They probably have a time getting their hair into the Large Flexi some days. I can barely but I prefer it to the Mega.

    1. The 11yo does have difficulty sometimes with a large flexi. So we got a mega, but it seemed a little too big. I think we'll have to try that rubberband-around-the-stick trick. Whatever we need to do, the flexi is still way better than a regular ponytail or those plastic claws. :)


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