Monday, January 13, 2014

My Daughter’s Modest Monday ~ Buy Winter Clearance Now for Fall and Christmas 2014

Despite what the kiddos think, sometimes we mamas like to give clothes for Christmas and birthdays. It kills two birds, right? It fills a need but gives them something to unwrap.

It’s even more sweet when we can buy something on sale. J

Well, now is the time!

January is the month to ~

  • Buy Christmas clearance for wearing during the Christmas season of this year {2014}…if you can find any left. J
  • Buy winter clearance for gift-giving for next Christmas. We have birthdays all fall, so I buy now for those birthdays as well. Just be sure to plan ahead for sizes.
  • Buy winter clearance to cut sleeves off to ¾ length or elbow length, whatever you prefer, for spring and summer.

Stuck inside during the subzero days last week.

This shirt worked out wonderfully for the 8yo’s Christmas.

I rarely go to the mall. We’re talking maybe twice a year. So when I do go, I have specific places in mind. One of those places is a children’s clothing store called Crazy 8. They put all of their winter clothes on clearance right after Christmas, sometimes marking everything in the store down to $11.99 or less.

I found this adorable gumball machine shirt last December for about seven dollars and then stored it until this Christmas. {I may also have something else tucked away for when a particular child grows into it, but don’t tell anyone. J} The 8yo squealed with delight when she saw the color, the gumball machine, and the ruffles. I squealed with delight when I saw the price and the high quality cotton and stitched-on applique.

What the 8yo wore ~

Denim skirt ~ simple tube skirt with elastic waist made by me for an older daughter and handed down J
Turquoise gumball machine shirt ~ Crazy 8 winter clearance sale
Slippers ~ Christmas gift from Nana and Pawpaw

Do you shop winter sales now to wear later? What is your favorite store for clearance?

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  1. I usually shop after Christmas clearance, but haven't this year. I decided that I would wait and buy birthday gifts, etc. right before I give them and hopefully get the person just what he/she wants, instead of what I think they might like from the clearance rack. I do must of my clothes shopping at Goodwill. If I buy something new (especially for my son - the last remaining child at home - others all out of the house) we go to Ross, but I always look at the Ross clearance rack first! Darling outfit for your daughter. The slippers look so cozy and warm. Have a good week.

    1. I have waited as well, Deb, to buy birthday gifts at just the right time. That definitely works best for anyone other than my children. :-) There are usually several we buy just in the nick of time anyway. I've heard so many good things about Ross, I think I need to find one. Thanks so much!

  2. I love it!! I miss sewing for my girls. They went and grew up!! I like your idea of shopping in December and through the year. I have started a stash of gifts since I am tired of having a need or birthday roll around with that familiar emergency to shop for a gift. Sometimes that can be inconvenient with other events also going on.

  3. Funny you mentioned cutting the sleeves, I've done that on occasion too. It's really easy and a good trick to know. :) I love that gum ball shirt! It's so cute! It's good to be back here, haven't come around in while. :)


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