Monday, April 7, 2014

Tell Your Twirly Girl She Is Lovely ~ My Daughter’s Modest Monday

Do you like to twirl? Feel the swirl of a skirt as you spin?

Well, if I spin too much, I get dizzy. J But I love to see my girls twirl!

It’s uniquely feminine, isn’t it? Boys don’t wear anything worthy of twirling, nor would they twirl anyway. It’s too girly.

Yet, put a pretty dress on a girl and what does she do? She spins. She admires the swirling fabric. She glows.

We women want to be lovely, no matter our age.

Have you told your daughter she is lovely? Have you told your sister? Your mother?

Have you told yourself?

You are lovely, just the way God made you! J

What the 12yo wore ~

Twirly skirt ~ thrift store half-off
Pink shirt ~ thrift store half-off
Navy shrug ~ Kohl’s sale that I purchased for myself but the 12yo “borrowed” J
Pink flower ~ no-sew fabric flower made by my daughters and myself
Brown Mary Jane’s ~ hand-me-down from 14yo, originally from Kohl’s

 Lilla Rose flexi ~ ponytail in extra-small Copper Rose flexi

Do you or your daughters/sisters/nieces/granddaughters like to twirl?

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  1. Meghan, I used to have hair as long as your daughters and like them I didn't trim it. But I should have. I think their hair would look much nicer if it was trimmed every 3 to 4 months. It gets rid of the dead ends and it looks much better if it's trimmed to be the same length. I'm not talking short hair, trim 1 inch off. I wish someone had told me when I had long hair. I can see in my old photos how much nicer it would have looked.

  2. Your daughters and you too are lovely! I enjoy these posts weekly. Thank you for the reminder to tell my loved ones today that they are lovely!

    1. Thank you, Melissa, for your encouragement. :-)

  3. I twirl! Skirts that twirl are great for little ones who jump and covers as they move better.

    1. An excellent point, Jacki. Easier for the big ones to run in as well. :-)

  4. My husband found one of my favorite twirly dresses at his mom's house today that I'd completely forgotten about! I was thinking on the way home of how simple it would be to make semi matching ones for my girls and we'd be the lovely twirly trio ... then I came home and read your post. As always you and your daughters are lovely ... and I guess I really needed the reminder today to tell my girls they're lovely more often too :-)

    1. Oh, Chrystal, I love it - The Twirly Trio! What a great mother-daughter activity. :-)

  5. That is true - twirling is uniquely girly - I never thought of that before. I found your lovely blog on the Homemaking party & now I'm your newest GFC follower.

  6. I think I saw your twirly girl on every single linkup party I visited this week!! I couldn't wait to read your post and wasn't disappointed!!


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