Monday, June 16, 2014

Black and White ~ My Daughter’s Modest Monday

I don’t know a lot about the history of fashion, but I would venture to guess that black and white have always been popular together.

As opposites, they provide a stark contrast to each other. Against the black, the white appears even more crisp and clean. Against the white, the black seems to be especially full and rich.

Did you know that’s where the phrase about seeing things/choices/life in black and white comes from?

When we say that a question or issue is black-and-white, we mean that there is a simple right and wrong without confusion on which is the proper choice.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if choices were that clear? J

Sometimes, they are.

A couple of years ago, my daughters and I ventured into Cato for the first time. Quite frankly, we didn’t find much. But in our search of the clearance racks, we found this feminine and delicate white skirt for only four dollars. {I love it! Squee!!! J} It was a little big and long for my oldest daughter at the time, but it was a black-and-white decision. I knew she would grow into it in the time it would take me to blink. J


What the 14yo wore ~

White skirt ~ Cato clearance rack
Floral short-sleeve top {under the cardigan} ~ Kohl’s sale with extra percentage off
Black cardigan ~ Kohl’s sale with extra percentage off
White sandals ~ DSW

Lilla Rose flexi ~ half-up in size XS Scrollwork Butterfly flexi

Do you like wearing black and white?
What black-and-white decisions have you had recently?

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  1. I Totally love the dress! <3

  2. I'll have to check Cato, I need some long skirts for an upcoming trip to Kenya - though preferably not white ;) Cute look on your daughter!

  3. Pretty clothes... and LOVE the modesty! So many things that our world would have us think are "gray" can suddenly become "black and white" when we test them with God's Word. Other "gray" things are difficult to decide - sometimes very difficult, and I am thankful for God's guidance. Thank you for the post. :)

  4. That is so very pretty on her. Great job. I am happy to of found you via the Homemaking Party! Visit any time at homemaker-mom dot com

  5. Modesty is such a big issue! It can be totally overwhelming to try to navigate these waters. Thanks for posting!
    Gig'em and God Bless

  6. She is lovely in her black and white! We enjoy your modesty posts!

  7. Yes, I love wearing black and white. I loved your post, as always.


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