Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Bible Bee Scripture Card Carrier {aka a purse} ~ Twirly Tuesday

No catchy first line today, friend. No throat-clearing. No introductions.

Just this ~

The 14yo made it to the Bible Bee nationals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell we’re a wee bit excited? J

She ranked 39 out of the top 120 who will go to nationals, and she now has 175 new passages of Scripture to learn as well as the book of Nahum. All total, those passages add up to 601 actual verses.

The studying has begun, and it involves a stack of memory cards nearly an inch high.

As of this writing Monday evening, she has fourteen passages memorized already, with the help of a brother and sister grateful to get to make the trip to Orlando.

But how is a girl supposed to keep these cards available at her fingertips for study any time of the day or night?

My non-girly 14yo calls it her Bible Bee Scripture Card Carrier, and she has it on her person at {almost} all times. I call it a purse, especially when it coordinates so well with her Sunday outfit. J

One last note before we get to the card carrier purse pictures ~ For those of you who have been following these Bible Bee efforts on Facebook or Twitter, don't worry about the emotional state of the 12yo who did not make it to nationals. She’s happy to have ranked well into the top half and is actually quite relieved that she can observe and learn from the 14yo without the pressures of studying. And, she and the rest of the family will do plenty of learning right alongside.  J

What the 14yo wore ~

White ruffle skirt ~ Cato clearance a couple of years ago {It’s been waiting patiently in the back of the closet for the 14yo to grow into it. J}
Black cardigan ~ Kohl’s sale
Pink polka dot top ~ hand-me-down from me {Don’t you just adore that pop of color peeping out from the black and white?}
White sandals ~ DSW
Black card carrier/purse J ~ borrowed from me {I have had this little bag for so long I can’t remember where I got it.}

Lilla Rose flexi ~ half-up in an extra-small Music Lovers flexi

The 14yo can call it a card carrier all she wants, but this is how it begins…. J

What is your favorite style of purse?

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  1. Oh, Meghan, how wonderful!!!! Congratulations to your daughter!!!!! SO exciting! I hope it will be broadcast again this year so we can watch your daughter compete. We will be praying for her!!!!

    1. Thank you, Lisa, but it's broadcast??? The 14yo's anxiety level just cranked up several notches. :-) Thanks for your prayers, friend!

  2. Yay! Yippee! A job well done by both the 12 & 14 year old! What an accomplishment! You girls are awesome!:)
    A big Congrats to the 14 year old for making it to the Nationals! Way to go!

    1. Definitely well done by both. Thanks, Sue, for your encouragement! :-)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is wonderful news for you all. PRAY it all goes well in Orlando too.

    Charlotte Moore

    1. Thanks for the prayers, Charlotte. It's still sinking in, which means that every now and then we hear a little squeal of excitement from somewhere in the house. :-)

  4. I favor the over-the-shoulder (and thus hands-free) purse with a top zipper, and congratulations to your girl!

    1. My choice as well, Debbie, especially since the zipper keeps everything contained. :-) Thanks!

  5. Congratulations! Wow, that is a lot of memorizing to do!
    I really like her outfit!

    1. That stack of cards overwhelms me. :-) But the 14yo says that the more she memorizes, the easier it becomes. Thanks!

  6. Yeah for your daughter! Love the name she has assigned to her 'purse', scripture card carrier. You asked.. what is your favorite purse? I love one that is organizable, but it never has enough room so I end up with a big bag that I fish around in to find everything... that is till I can't take it any more and clean it out so it is neat and orderly. I need one big enough to throw a few books, snacks or whatever is close when I walk out the door, that I think I need. :)



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