Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Arranging an Outfit around a Single Accessory ~ Twirly Tuesday {and a Book Giveaway!}

Please tell me I’m not crazy.

You do this too, right? J

On a recent and most glorious Girls Shopping Day, my daughters and I stopped in at Hobby Lobby in search of flower pins. Our efforts were greatly rewarded, and we walked out with three flowers for less than ten dollars total.

One in particular caught the eye of my 12yo. Ecru-colored silky fabric twirled in such a way as to catch the light and shimmer like the gossamer wings of the season’s first hummingbird.

“Yeah, neat,” said the staid 14yo. J

We carted that treasure home. All the way, the 12yo plotted and schemed an outfit to go with it.

You do that too, don’t you? A scarf that hangs just right. A bag with your favorite colors. Oh my word, what about shoes???

Maybe we need a support group. Let's hold our first meeting at Kohl's. Or would Target be better for you?

Hi, my name is Meghan, and I love accessories…. J

What the 12yo wore ~

Beige skirt ~ thrift store
Beige tee-shirt ~ Kohl’s sale in the spring
Pink blouse ~ hand-me-down from a relative
Brown shoes ~ thrift store

Lilla Rose flexi ~ half-up in an extra-small Faith-Hope-Love {with the “Mom” dangle removed J}


And now….ta da! A book giveaway!

Remember the writers conference I attended a week ago? One of the great things about that conference is the free books. I picked up a couple of extra just for you, my dear reader.

Today, I’m giving away The Amish Bride by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould. “A long-lost painting…a journal with a secret code…a father’s mysterious return….” I haven’t read it {yet} but it looks terrific.

Let’s make this easy. Just leave a comment or send me an email through my contact page. I’ll announce the winner in next Tuesday’s post. Sound good?

What is your favorite accessory you’ve organized an outfit around? Want to join my support group?

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  1. Sounds wonderful! I would love to have a new book to read. :-)

  2. I love the ecru flower! So pretty!

  3. Hi, my name is Sue, and I love accessories!:) And yes, Target is closer to my house than Kohl's, but either would be fine with me.:)
    My most recently acquired, favorite accessory is a very unusual purse and I'm determined to find the color fabric to match it and sew a dress. I spent a lot of time in Joanns, looking already, but no luck yet. We have lots of privately owned fabric shops in our area so I'll be checking around to see what I can find. Not giving up just yet.:)

    Your 12 yo's plotting and scheming turned into a lovely outfit. So feminine.

    Hmmm....the book looks interesting --- women of Lancaster County. Hmmm...my stomping grounds. Maybe I could learn something new.:) Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. I like the flower pins. Not sure I have ever had an accessory I matched an outfit too. Hey why not?? Ha!!!

    The book sounds interesting.

    Charlotte Moore

  5. I wasn't able to go to the ACFW conference....but would love a new book to read :)

  6. That support group needs to happen! :) But that flower is gorgeous.

  7. I think I might need to join your support group!!! When I was your daughters age I once made (as in sewed) an entire outfit around button covers I found!!!
    Love your blog! And a new book would be great to read!

  8. I do enjoy reading your post, thank you

  9. Hello, I would love to enter for your book giveaway. I'm glad to see thing have slowed down a little in your neck of the woods, I am sure I'm not the only one who missed your blogging there for a couple of weeks. God bless

  10. So happy you're back to blogging - your posts are an inspiration and always brighten my day! Also, I love reading about the Amish so this giveaway makes my Tuesday especially happy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Hello! Love the flower, I have so many to match outfits, it's almost ridiculous, and always looking for new ones and I would LOVE a new book to read.


  12. I love Amish fiction. But I am not an accessory gal, my husband just bought me two necklaces to wear when I attend a conference with him.

  13. I love hobby lobby. I love the flower too. I have read some of her books.

  14. Hello my name is Tammy..I love accessories. I feel my outfit is not complete without a ring or two, necklace and of course earrings. Thank you for a chance to win the book as well. For I always carry reading material when out.

  15. Sweet! I'm looking forward to reading this one. So...accessories...anything pink and flowery works for me!

  16. Thanks, ladies, for the great comments. You're all going in the drawing! I'm taking entries through next Monday, so spread the word. :-) I'm blessed by your presence here!

  17. As busy as you are, you still take time to encourage femininity in your girls. That blesses me. With God as our guide, a man cannot be too masculine, and a gal cannot be too feminine. Keep up the good work, dear busy mother. And thanks for thinking of us gals, who enjoy your blog, with a giveaway.
    May the best gal win :)

  18. I just love that outfit are covering modest and feminine dress in our Bright Lights Girls group right now. It's wonderful how you can lovely both modestly and on a budget. Blessings, Kyle

  19. Hi Meghan, I do love accessories and I make a lot of it myself. I make flowers out of scrap cloth and combine them with pearls, beads, maybe a broken earring, and put them together on a felt backing. I've made many to give away too! My mom died in February and a couple of days ago, my sisters and I divided up her fancy jewelry. I was thinking of making new jewelry out of them cause some of them I can't see myself wearing. Nice to meet you! I came to visit at just the right time cause I love nice books with a little mystery! :^) patsy

  20. Accessories are what most of my outfits are based upon. It is hard to find great accessories so when I do, I always think of ways to build outfits using it.

  21. The flower is very feminine. I would really enjoy a new book to read:)

  22. I loved the smile on your daughter's face!! I love Kohls's and I had the chance to stop by while I was away.


I so much appreciate your time and effort in leaving a comment, and I try to respond to as many as time permits. :-)